The role of the board

The Board has ultimate responsibility for the control of the affairs of Westfield Housing Association, including the Footsteps Nursery.  It exercises this responsibility in accordance with the National Housing Federation’s Code of Governance 2015, the main principles of which the Board has adopted, with derogations necessary to ensure compliance with the Rules of the Association and the needs of the Association.

The Board shall:

  • Establish and approve the strategic direction of the Association, including its vision and values, strategic objectives and financial business plan.
  • Ensure compliance with the Association's objects, in particular that the Association maintains its strong community and tenant focus.
  • Ensure appropriate systems of control exist to ensure the health and safety of tenants, other customers, staff, Board members and those working in partnership with the Association.
  • Ensure a risk management framework and appropriate systems of control exist to protect the assets and reputation of the Association.
  • Ensure appropriate systems of control and reporting exist to enable the Board to evaluate whether the Association is operating effectively, efficiently and economically.
  • Ensure appropriate systems of control and reporting exist to enable the Board to approve the Annual Accounts prior to publication.
  • Appoint, direct and, if necessary, dismiss the Chief Executive.
  • Review these Governance Regulations at least every two years and approve amendments to them as necessary.

Openness, Transparency and Accountability

The Board shall conduct its business in an open and transparent way, ensuring that it is at all times accountable to tenants and other customers. This shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Preparing an annual report on its activities as part of the annual Financial Statements;
  • Publishing Chief Executive remuneration details as part of the annual Financial Statements.

The Board shall seek comment, feedback and, where relevant, representation from tenants and / or customers of Footsteps Nursery before taking decisions fundamental to the Association’s provision of homes and services.