Customer Panel

As part of our new Customer Engagement Strategy, we want tenants to be involved in shaping our services, be part of a review of our strategic priorities and have the opportunity to scrutinise our performance.

We want to ensure that customers:

  • Have every opportunity to be involved in decisions that affect the services provided and the Association’s priorities.
  • Have information about our performance and can hold us to account

Tenant engagement will be monitored and reported quarterly to Board.

A Housing Scrutiny Panel lets tenants have their say and influence the services that relate to the management of their homes. The panel will be made up of a small group of tenants who will work as part of a team to improve our services. 

There are many benefits to joining the scrutiny panel, not only can you have a say about how the Association could improve services to our tenants, but you could develop new skills for your CV and increase your knowledge about housing issues.  

If you care about tenants having a voice, can work as part of a team and want to challenge housing delivery’s performance, we’d love to hear from you on;

01900 602906 or