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You can report a repair by:

For out of office hours emergencies you can call 0151 343 2762.  If a repair is out of hours but not an emergency, please use the website or ring the office and leave a message. The repair will be instructed when the office is next open.

What you will need to do

When reporting a repair, you will need to give your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Details of the repair 
  • Details of when our contractor can gain access
  • Contact details

Giving us access to your home

There are some requirements to allow us to carry out repairs safely. These are:

  • There must be a person aged 18 or over in the house when we arrive to do the repair, if not it cannot go ahead, and we will need to rebook.
  • Please clear the area where the repair needs to be carried out, moving all items, furniture, and any other belongings.
  • Our operatives will have toolboxes and could be lifting floorboards, ensure any member of the household or visitor is kept away from the area where they are working.
  • You may also have to pull back your carpet or lift your laminate floor if the repair is in this area.
  • All dogs and pets must be kept out of the way and please do not smoke during the visit.

Categories of Response times

When you report a repair, we will categorise it into one of three priority groups:

Emergency – An emergency repair will be attended within 24 hours of us receiving the report

A repair that is affecting the safety or security of a property or potentially affecting the safety of the household. Examples of these type of repairs are:

  • A complete power failure
  • flooding
  • blocked drains preventing sewerage from escaping
  • electrical faults, fire or burst pipes.
  • Serious leaks
  • Dangerous structures

Urgent – An urgent repair will be attended within 3 working days of us receiving the report

Examples of urgent repairs include:

  • A heating problem where there is no other source of heating
  • Leaking pipes/radiators(small leaks)
  • Broken toilet flush
  • Damaged external door locks/furniture

Non-Urgent – These will de done within 21 days of us receiving the report

A repair that can wait without causing major inconvenience to the tenant.  Examples of these are:

  • a leaking/overflowing gutter (not serious)
  • a damaged kitchen unit
  • a failed glazing unit or report of condensation.
  • Easing doors and windows
  • Dripping taps

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