Rent arrears

Anyone can get into financial difficulty and have problems paying their rent from time to time. Loss or reductions in income, debt, unexpected costs, rising cost of living and the demands of household bills can all cause problems and make it more difficult to pay your rent.

At Westfield we aim to support you as best we can and to assist you to deal with any money troubles.  It is in our interest and yours to help you address your issues and pay your rent. We aim to intervene at the earliest point possible if problems are being experienced and to prevent arrears and debt becoming major problems.

If you are struggling to pay your rent please get in touch as soon as possible. Together we can work out how to pay off what you owe without putting you under unnecessary pressure.   If you do not let us know and do not work with us debts could get out of control and you could risk losing your home.  

We are here to help and will give you every opportunity to clear the arrears. Our support will be tailored to your needs and can include looking at ways of increasing your income, budget management assistance and referrals to debt advice services. We will always seek to work with you and resolve the issues that you face.  However, if you do not engage and your arrears continue then we will take an enforcement approach, including legal action that could result in you losing your home.  

If you need to speak to us about your rent payments and any difficulties with these, you can contact us via or you can call the office on 01900 602906.  If you would like to speak privately you can email our Income Management Officer, Andrea Sharp on

Please log into you home portal to pay your rent and keep up to date with your current balance.

You can also access independent advice


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