Planned Maintenance and Improvements

We have to plan ahead and undertake work to keep your home in good repair. We call this planned maintenance. Planned improvements are required to keep our properties in good condition, secure, warm and meeting the needs of our customers’ expectations.

Periodically Stock condition surveys will look condition of your home and keep details on what works will be required for the future. Where the need for some improvements is identified, this will then be included in the planned maintenance schedule.

There are two types of planned maintenance, examples are below:

Work that needs to be done every year (Cyclical)

  • Servicing any gas central heating boiler or fire in your home (this is a legal requirement)
  • Servicing gas appliances that we have provided.

Maintenance work which needs to be carried out less frequently (Planned Improvements)

  • Replacing kitchen units
  • Electrical re-wiring
  • Replacing or improving bathrooms
  • Replacing heating systems.
  • Replacing structural elements of a building

It is important we undertake maintenance and improvement works to prevent or mitigate the deterioration in performance of our homes. Westfield continually seeks to improve/enhance our homes to achieve modern standards for you as our tenants and ensure properties comply with regulatory and statutory requirements.

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