Gas servicing

We have a legal responsibility to carry out gas safety checks in your home every 12 months and to service any solid fuel appliance. These important checks are carried out to ensure the safety of tenants and their households.

When your service is due our gas contractor will make contact with you and arrange a date to attend.  If you are not available on the arranged date it is your responsibility to let us know so that we can help you to rearrange your appointment.  You will be re-charged for any missed appointment where you have made no attempt to rearrange prior to the appointment date.

It is vitally important that you allow access for your gas safety check to be completed, failure to provide access is a breach of your tenancy.

Your tenancy agreement states that you must allow us access to make inspections, carry out repairs and servicing of your heating appliances and smoke detectors. Unfortunately, if you refuse to give us access, we will have to apply for a court order giving us access to your home and you could lose your home as a result.

Our employees and contractors carry an identification card as proof of who they are. Always ask to see this card. If you are ever in doubt contact us and we will be able to check the person is who they say they are. Our employees and contractors will not mind waiting whilst these checks are carried out.

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