Damp and Mould

Since our update on this matter in the Christmas newsletter we have created a new Damp and Condensation Policy that sets out our approach to dealing with this problem. The policy includes our commitment to dealing with issues quickly with the following response times set:

To inspect the problem: Within 3 working days of reporting

To complete repairs to rectify the problem: Within 20 working days of reporting.

If the matter is an emergency with a serious and immediate risk to your health and safety the issue will be attended to as quickly as possible, and a repair effected to deal with the immediate problem/make safe within a maximum of 24 hours. If further work is required a full repair will be completed within 20 working days.

All damp and mould problems reported from this point should be dealt with within these timescales. If there is an exception e.g., because of the large scale of works/complexity of the problem this will be explained, and an appropriate timescale agreed.

There are currently 52 damp and mould inspections and repairs in progress. The number of issues reported/identified has meant that not all repairs have been completed within the above timescales. We have set a deadline of the end of July for completing all currently outstanding damp and mould surveys and repairs. Jobs are being prioritised and the worst problems being dealt with first.

If you do have a problem with damp and mould, or another disrepair issue that you have not reported, please report the matter as soon as possible. If you are unhappy with the response you receive, please contact:

Duncan Tilbe -CEO (Duncan.tilbe@westfieldha.org.uk)

Debbie Fox- Operation’s Manager (Debbie.fox@westfieldha.org.uk)

Both Duncan and Debbie can be contacted by telephone on the main office number (01900 602906).

The full Damp and Condensation Policy can be viewed on the website.



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