Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is normally an evening meeting held in August at the Minto Centre. It is open to all Westfield tenants (with their name on a tenancy agreement), and members of the Association.   

At the meeting you can:

  • Hear about the past year and activities at Westfield, and our plans for the future.
  • Stand for election to the Board and its Committees (nominations must be received three days beforehand).
  • Vote for those standing for the Board and its Committees.
  • Receive the accounts (Financial Statements) and appoint the auditors for next year.

The meetings are usually brief, followed by drinks, a buffet and a raffle. – free to all members and tenants of Westfield Housing Association. There is an opportunity to talk to staff and other members informally during the buffet.

Please come along to support your Association.

Here are the Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 20th September 2022 (they are not ‘approved’ until the 2023 AGM).