Service Statement and Service Standards

Our Service Statement

Our vision at Westfield is to enhance and improve the services we deliver. We aim to provide a quality service by

  • Setting high standards and measuring our performance against them
  • Giving full and accurate information in plain language
  • Consulting with our tenants and providing choice where possible
  • Apologising and sorting matters out when things go wrong
  • Having an open and accessible complaints procedure
  • Operating in an efficient and economical manner
  • Improving our service through regular reviews

Our Service Standards

We are not a "target-driven" organisation, believing targets to have the potential effect of distorting performance with the result that we fail to deliver exactly what the customer wants. Having said that, we do undertake a general survey of our tenants every two years with the expectation that tenant satisfaction will be greater than 90% in the following areas:

  • Our overall landlord service
  • Our repairs and maintenance service
  • The overall quality of our communication
  • The opportunities we give for tenant participation

If, at any time, the level of satisfaction falls below 90% in any of the above areas, we will work with our customers to clearly identify the cause of the dissatisfaction and eliminate it. These Service Standards form the basis of our performance monitoring of service delivery.