Resumption of Full Repairs and Maintenance Service

Resumption of Full Repairs and Maintenance Service


  • 11 Apr 2021
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Following a decision in February to restrict the repairs service to emergency repairs and health and safety works only, a normal repairs service will resume from Wednesday 14th April. From this date all non-emergency works will resume, including planned maintenance works. If you have reported a repair in the last two months that has not been undertaken then this work will be instructed on or shortly after the 14th April and a contractor will contact you to make an access arrangement.

All contractors will continue to take all necessary pre-cautions to ensure yours and their safety. This includes:

  • Wearing Personal Protective Equipment
  • Maintaining required distances (a minimum of 2 metres)
  • Washing/sanitising hands before entering your home and whilst working in the property
  • Checking your circumstances prior to entering to ensure that there is no Covid related illness in the household, potential illness, or anyone self-isolating

If you do have any concerns about contractor’s or others entering your home, please contact us to discuss this. Generally, and unless an absolute emergency, a repair will not be carried out if you are ill with the coronavirus or shielding.

Although the situation is currently improving it is important to continue to follow all necessary precautions. If a contractor is calling at your home please:

  • Open doors and make a clear path to the area(s) where the contractor will be working
  • Open doors and windows to the area(s) being worked in
  • Disinfect the area around where the contractor will be working
  • Wear a face mask
  • Stay at least 2 metres away, preferably in a different room

Do not provide drinks or food

If you have any queries on this matter or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.